Online specifications

You do not have specifications (hummmm …. not good ;-)). But in fact, what is it? All explanations here

Do not panic ! We are here to help you.

Fill your specifications online and send it to us. You can save it in progress at any time and restart it at any time.

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    A presentation in a few lines of your company and its identity:
    - Its name
    - Its mission
    - Its products, its services
    - What makes it different from the competition ( If possible, the names of some competitors)
    - Customers

    Needless to add the history or complete organization chart of your company: The goal is above all to help us better understand your business.

  • For example, specify whether your site is
    ● A showcase website to highlight your products or services
    ● A corporate website (also called "corporate"), an essentially informative medium that presents your business
    ● An e-commerce site (also called a "merchant site"): an online shop where you can sell your products
    ● An Intranet: a private area reserved for your employees and possibly your service providers
    ● A corporate blog for employees, customers or fans of the sector
    ● A combination of these elements
  • What is the triggering element of the project? In what context and from what need the website project was born (communication, marketing, legal, organizational, strategic, competitive)?
  • List the physical or interactive communication tools that already exist: logo and visual identity, brochures, letters, prospectuses, e-mails with domain name, posting, POSV, website, intranet, extranet, blog, newsletter, etc.
    Define tools to keep or remove.
    How to interface the new site with the existing? Should the data be retained in the project?
  • Indicate here the validation processes within your company and which will take care of the following missions:
    - validate the phases of choice (graphic design, ergonomics, content), validate the respect of the specifications,
    - ensure that deadlines are respected, provide basic content (texts, brochure, logos, images, photos)
  • Indicate the main vocations of the website:
    - online store,
    - news website,
    - communication medium,
    - loyalty support,
    Indicate the main expected results:
    - desired turnover in the case of an online store,
    - number of new prospects,
    - improve company's image
    - subscribers to our newsletter
  • Note here the number of different targets and prioritize.
    For each, please precise :
    - target characteristics (company, individual, student, pensioner...)
    - significance of the target (primary, secondary), - target's interests (data searches, service needs, etc.)
  • Suggest a tree to show the architecture of the site as you can imagine. It will be presented in a schematic form with the main headings, the subheadings and the links that unite them.
  • sitemap
  • Describe the contents that you provide (image, photos, texts, element to scan ...) and those that are to be created, specifying if you want the agency to take care of it
  • List exhaustively the expected functionalities of the project, in order of priority. This part can be developed according to the level of detail required.
  • Features
  • Specify here what languages you want on the website.
    If the website is in several languages, will it be identical versions or adapted versions ? In this case, specify it.
    Also indicate who will take care of any translation needs.
  • Languages

  • What will be the graphic specifications ?
    What do you expect in terms of graphic design ?
    You can also attach the graphic specifications of your company, if they exist. This is the document that describes the graphic codes of your company:
    - Its color codes
    - The rules relative to use of the logo and its declensions (on white background, on colored backgrounds, etc.)
    - The iconic visual
    - The pictograms used
    - The baseline fonts
    - etc ...

    -Is there a editorial charter ?
    Should we create a web specific editorial charter ?
  • What content is already available ?
    Should the agency adapt them to web support ?
    Do you want the agency to create content ? Which ?
  • Specify if the site requires programming and/or databases
    - internal search engine,
    - form to collect information,
    - online shop,
    - survey
    - quizzes,
    - automatic news management,
    - interface for site update< br /> ....
    Specify if there are technical constraints to respect and what are your expectations about it.
  • Specify here if you want the agency is responsible for depositing one or more domain names.
    If you already own a domain name, specify if the agency will be responsible for transferring the domain name to the web hosting.
  • Specify here if you want the agency offers a hosting service and possibly what type of hosting it will be.
  • Specify here if you want the agency supports the search engines indexing. Specify your objectives in this domain, if you expect a monitoring service and what kind.
    Also indicate if possible on which axes you wish to position yourself.
  • What is the expected update system:
    - stand-alone updating platform ?
    - maintenance contract with the agency ?
    - training of teams on the platform update ?
  • Do you have specific expectations of visitor statistics?

    Specify here if you want the quotation reaches you by the deadline you set.
    Also indicate what type of response you expect.

    Indicate here if you have specific expectations for your website launch.
    Also specify if you expect a multi-phase launch.
  • 6. BUDGET

    Indicate here if you have specific expectations for your website launch.
    Also specify if you expect a multi-phase launch.
  • Drop files here or