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Proud owner of a site? Ask an audit to optimize its profitability !

You want to redesign your website, increase its performance or deploy an e-marketing campaign … An audit of your project is essential beforehand to analyze the elements of your website, its weaknesses and what is perfectible, to draw up a precise balance sheet and propose remedial measures. At the end of the audit and analysis of your website, the Web Pixelia team will provide you with a diagnosis and recommendations that will revolve around 3 essential points:

Performances et audit site web Web PIxelia

Performance of your website

Poor performance of a website have consequences for the frustration of your visitors who will immediately leave your website (high bounce rate) and a website penalized by search engines. Here are some of the questions. Is your hosting suitable and well configured? What is the availability rate of your website? Is loading your site fast enough? Is the availability rate of your website satisfactory? Is the security level correct? Is it compatible with all browsers?

To answer all these questions, Web Pixelia audits the technical elements of your website in order to develop a balance sheet and corrective recommendations that will allow you to improve its performance.

Ergonomics of your website

Knowing its visitors or users and their habits is an essential point to organize the information that contains your website and thus facilitate access and research. Does the information and functionality of your website meet the needs and expectations of your visitors ? Are the ergonomics conventions respected? Are your services and offers well presented ? Does the website organization capture your visitor’s interest and enable them to meet their goal ? Is it consistent ? The methodological audit and analysis of your website by the experts of Web Pixelia will help us in answering all these problems and to make recommendations to get better sales conversions.

Audit et ergonomie site web Web PIxelia
Audit et visibilité site web

Visibility of your website

A good SEO is the guarantee of a regular traffic and an influx of new visitors. The way your content is written directly influences the quality of your SEO but not just … What is the positioning of your website in search engines ? Are the keywords used relevant ? Are the information and content original and/or recent? Have the technical recommendations from the search engines been complied ? Are your titles and descriptions attractive and engaging ? Are your pages popular ? What about your presence on different social media ? In order to answer to these questions, the Web Pixelia team analyzes and examines the structure and content of your website and its positioning using a rigorous process and professional web tools. A balance sheet and recommendations will let you to optimize your visibility on the web.

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