Project management

The project management is the key to a project’s success

Managing a web project is to create a healthy environment to meet the objectives and requirements of a project by identifying the skills, tools, resources, time … necessary for its successful implementation. A website is not just a graphic model to be validated but requires attentive listening, expertise, several skills and especially a close collaboration between the client and the agency.

Needs analysis

Project management requires to follow a complete and rigorous process in order to reach the desired ends. With solid expertise in all areas of the web, we support you from the beginning of your project by:
listening, audit & advice
Driven by the desire to respond perfectly to your goals or your issues, we listen, analyze, advice you, explain each choice made and involve you in thinking. Each of our clients is accompanied by a dedicated account manager.
This document will formalize all your expectations and your needs both technically and ergonomically. The specifications will serve as a guideline throughout the development of your web project.

The specifications are an integral part of any web project and writing a good specification will increase a project’s chance for success.

Functional specifications
The specification phase is an essential step in describing the functional need and the technical feasibility of your project and validating them. This step will also describe accurately the conduct of each process and features associated and the chosen techniques and technologies.
Needs analysis

Webpixelia has provided you with a model of specifications, which is not exhaustive, which you can either complete online or download.

Respect of deadlines

Vigilance & Deadline compliance

At Webpixelia, we set ourselves rigor and deadline compliance that allow us to identify the steps at risk and address them more carefully, to accurately assess costs and deadlines and thus to respect them and ultimately to deliver a project that perfectly meets the objectives set.
Risk steps
Armed with the experience, we pay particular attention to steps to risks that we identify and report in the specifications. These steps are specifically addressed and require more attention and testing before proceeding with the project.
Planning and schedule
For each project, our agency draws up a detailed schedule on its progress: its stages, its risk points, the testing phases. A good understanding of the project upstream, a fair estimate of the resources and resources needed and a seamless collaboration between the various stakeholders will contribute to the respect of the schedule.
Working methodology
We work iteratively and collaboratively; allowing to involve customer 100% since he validates each step of the project. The exchanges between the agency and the client make it possible to create proximity and trust, to be reactive and to reduce risks.

A proven process

Beyond the purely technical skills required, a web project must be studied and thought out in its entirety to imagine the steps and elements that will make it different, bring fame and offer an ideal user experience. Thus, we reflect on a global harmony both in form and substance, ergonomics that effectively meet the expectations of users and provides a comfortable navigation, a suitable editorial charter and levers webmarketing that push the user to act and thus meet the objectives of the project.

At Webpixelia we give the greatest consideration to the details; so our team finalizes performanceand security optimization, ensures that nothing has been forgotten about legal obligations, refine SEO … to ultimately deliver you a fully completed project and complied to the specifications.

Ergonomics & Web Design

After validating the functional plans of your web project, and on this basis, our graphic designer takes over for designing a web layout in accordance with your corporate identity.

Web Marketing

The purpose of a website is to take your visitor to an action (register, buy, contact you …) and so, it is important to highlight certain pages and create a conversion tunnel.


After a prior SEO audit, we optimize each page of your website to make easier its positioning on search engines and to be visible.


Legal obligations

We pay great attention to ensure that the project complies with the legislation in force; we advise you and accompany you on the actions to take (legal notice, declaration, confidentiality …).

Security & Protection

In each web project we configure security elements to minimize the risks and set up an automatic backup system to preserve your data on a secure server

Tests & Launching

After having validated each stage of development and test, the results are send to you and we arrange on a date which we launch the project. After that, we assist you for any adjustment.