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Website Audit

Improve your website performances through audit

The website audit is a bit of a health check at a specific time by which we highlight the weak points that hinder its performance. Then, an audit report is drawn up, listing each element of your analyzed website, as well as all of our recommendations, comments and advices.

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Do I need a website audit? and why?

If there is one environment that is constantly changing and evolving, it is the web and therefore it is imperative to have up-to-date tools.; if only so as not to avoid being “overwhelmed” by the technologies used or vulnerable from a security point of view. Ideally, it is best to perform an audit every 3 or 4 years because it is still possible to evolve your website without problems of incompatibility of languages, technologies or CMS.

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Website audit in detail

Every detail and element of your website is analyzed and dissected. To make easy its reading and understanding, we have classified the audit into 7 main categories:

  • Website structure
  • Design and graphics
  • UX
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Technical elements
  • Required informations
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We send you a detailed audit report in 6 points

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Findings & Recommendations

Highlights the weaknesses and shortcomings found on your website and offers solutions and tips to remedy them.

Ergonomics & Design

Assessment of the website user experience and list of recommendations to improve the user satisfaction and accessibility.

Technical specifications

This is the technical aspect of your website: technologies used, performance, optimizations and compliance with standards…

Marketing & User action

Analyze how web visitors behaves on each page and its implication (call to action, form, purchase …) and list possible improvements.


What about your notoriety and your positioning on the search engines? We detail you this and offer improvement solutions.

Confidence report

General state on the confidence inspired by your website: mandatory information and legal aspect, popularity, editorial charter, clear and accessible information…
WordPress maintenance plan

WordPress Maintenance

You want to focus on your business or you have not time to manage your site? Webpixelia offers you a maintenance service for your WordPress website

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Need a successful project?

More than ever, succeeding and existing on the web means being different. Beyond the technical mastery, we are convinced that it is the quality of the advice and the relevance of your project, in terms of added value for your customers, which will be the key factors of your success.

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