Your visual identity

Simple, percussive and unique, so must be your visual identity

The visual identity is what uniquely defines a company, conveys through it its values and strengthening its brand image. Who does not know the logo of Coca Cola or Nike? A simple and unique logo associated with one or more colors and a typography.

The visual identities that we design, available on differents medias (website, business card, letterhead, flyers …), will allow to recognize your brand or your company at first glance through its logo, its website web, its advertisements, its paper supports …

Keys to a successful visual identity

Designing a visual identity can not be improvised and must meet certain prerequisites. To achieve our goal; ie create a visual identity to identify very quickly a brand or a company, we proceed by step:

  • Analysis and understanding of the activity
  • Brainstorming
  • Creation and proposal
Keys to a successful visual identity
Effective visual identities

Strong logos and effective visual identities, declinable on all media belonging to 100%

Simplicity and efficiency are the key words for designing a logo. Webpixelia will present you several logos as well as their declensions; by explaining why these choices. You will choose the one that seems most in line with your brand or company.

Of course, the logos that we design for our customers are unique, belong to them 100%, are available on any support and keep their quality (screen, printing …).

Webpixelia, full services agency, offers you design and printing services of products and supports consistent with your visual identity: business cards, letterhead, brochures.


All rights are assigned to you; you own 100% of your visual identity and logo


Reflection reports

A PDF document containing the various proposals and variations, commented on and explained.

Final logo

Your logo is provided in different formats: color, black and white, PDF HD, EPS)

Tips and uses

We explain how and when to use your logo depending on the support used and to maintain overall consistency.


Technical document

A technical PDF document containing the graphic codes used: colors, font, spacing, …