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A panel of design and printing services

At Webpixelia, we work on any kind of support to develop your image with your customers and prospects. We select the most suitable solution to your needs. For offset printing, digital printing and large format printing, we work with a qualified network of printing companies.

As an extension of your brand identity and your communications strategy , our team imagines and builds strong, impactful and engaging communication media.

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Print VS Online

Print has a tactile dimension that does not exist in online content and media and is available in many formats to convey a clear and unpolluted message by competitive announcements and advertising.
A printed document such as a flyer, brochure… can be stored and consulted at any time or even given to a third party, displayed on a wall, placed on a desk etc.

A printing also conveys a serious message and solemnity; it is an important information that we want to transmit. Have you ever been invited to a wedding by e-mail?


Custom Printing

Webpixelia supports all of the graphic chain: from the choice of the most suitable format to the printing through the design of the layout and contents.

Of course, we take the codes of your graphic chart on the whole print media.

Whether informative or marketing, our team imagines, designs and retouches your communication media.

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Some of our print services

Alliance of creativity, technique, complementarity and responsiveness

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Commercial or advertising cards with a wide choice of paper, whether film-coated or not, and even recycled.


The flyer is THE communication medium. Declinable ad infinitum in terms of paper, format and texture.


Design and print of your product catalogs, your internal magazines, your newsletters in different formats and assemblies.


The leaflet is the perfect solution to present and detail its offers and products. It is an information and prospecting tool.


We design and print for you your office supports: envelopes, underhands, paper blocks, wrap-stickers, calendars, post-it, flap folders, diary …

Tarps & Kakemonos

Flexible and lightweight communication support that adapts both outside and inside: places of sale, shops, car parks, trade fairs, sporting, associative or cultural events,…

Stand & Exhibitions

We design roll-ups, posters, billboards, magnetic plates … Everything you need for your indoor and outdoor communication.


Add elegance to your establishment and stand out: facade cladding, flag sign, plexiglass plate, box letters, advertising totem…
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Need a successful project?

More than ever, succeeding and existing on the web means being different. Beyond the technical mastery, we are convinced that it is the quality of the advice and the relevance of your project, in terms of added value for your customers, which will be the key factors of your success.

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