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SEA & Display

Immediate visibility and qualified audience

What is the SEA?

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is a paid indexing way that consists of buying keywords through the Google Adwords ad network of the same search engine. This is a great channel for acquiring faster visibility and hence traffic as it provides optimum temporary position in the search results. The same principle is applicable on social networks , Facebook for example.

Adwords campaigns are ideal to make known its services or products by targeting a qualified public likely to take action. Paid search is essential to instantly reach a wide audience with controlled costs; the advertising campaign must still be relevant and perfectly managed.

Retargeting in addition to the SEA

On average only 2 to 3% of Internet users who visit an e-commerce site go to the act of purchase … to say very little. How to increase this rate? This is where retargeting can be very effective.

But what exactly is retargeting? This consists of targeting an individual who has already visited a website, but for whom there was no transformation during this visit, by highlighting the product (s) initially consulted, by relaunching it after abandoning the basket. The retargeting has more impact than an advertising campaign since it is hyper qualitative and, if retargeting is well controlled, the conversion rate will be significantly increased.

SEA and display

SEA and display, 2 complementary channels within a controlled strategy

Display advertising banners are a good way to make yourself known or to discover services or products. As a result, a number of specific queries on search engines that increases; thus bringing qualified traffic through natural and sponsored links. We could summarize thus: the display helps to make known and the SEA for its part concretizes by call the visitor to action.

By combining SEO, display and paid search and developing relevant and focused strategy, you will develop your e-business optimally and increase your visibility.

How we work

Custom Strategy


Choice of channels

Targets validation

Planning and budget

Setting up adapted channels

Google Adwords & Bing Ads

Social advertising (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…)

Other (Taboola, …)


Campaign creation

Total account setup

Coherent arborescence creation

Landing page creation

Daily monitoring of campaigns

A/B testing

Overall account optimizations

Track budget and conversions

Monthly reporting

Our areas of expertise

Webpixelia masters all the marketing levers and helps you boost your qualified traffic and generate sales.

Paid Search - AdWords Sponsored Links

The sponsored links allow to appear in the top search results on keywords.


Create a win-win relationship with partner sites to promote your services and offers.

Advice and campaign management

You advise on your advertising campaigns, manage them as well as monitor and analyze their performance indicators.

RTB (Real Time Bidding)

An important e-marketing lever that consists of buying advertising space on reserved spaces on websites.

Video virality campaign

Video is a powerful and viral channel to publicize your products, services, …

Digital Strategy

Make a relevant advertising strategy, mastered at the budget level and effective (increase the traffic of your website).

Are you ready to start your project?

Beyond a simple quote, our web agency will guide you and advise you on the best way to implement your project, provide you with a detailed study as well as pricing information.
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