E-commerce: a history

Contrary to what one might think, the e-merchant has to gather several skills, not just selling, and he must develop and master them:

Commercial fiber

E-commerce is above all trade, you have to sell.

Technical competence

Most of the e-commerce-customer relationship has be done via the site.

Graphic competence

The graphic design reflects the identity and seriousness of society.

Whether you are a genuine e-merchant or simply want to develop a new sales channel via the web, your e-commerce project must both be part of a global strategy and benefit from a specific development to the web business; all this in order to increase your sales.

E-commerce Web PIxelia

Our team supports you in your e-commerce project

In order to equip you with an efficient and cost-effective e-commerce tool, Web Pixelia experts are at your side to:

  • Determine your e-commerce strategy according to your objectives, your competitive advantages, your financial and human resources,
  • Identify with you your target and define your positioning on the web,
  • Draft your specifications, plan and ensure the smooth running of your e-commerce project,
  • Refer you towards an efficient and reliable technical solution and ensure the development of your e-commerce site on this one
  • Advise you in your logistics policy,
  • Define and implement effective and structured acquisition and loyalty strategies and actions,
  • Imagine your intra- and extra-site communication, deploy, track and manage efficient and cost effective web marketing campaigns.

Need support and expert advice for your e-commerce project?

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