Creating emailing campaigns

A thoughtful and targeted email campaign

The secret of a successful email campaign is the upstream reflection and its relevance (segmentation, targeting). E-mail marketing is a great way to build customer loyalty. In addition to potential additional sales, e-mail can be used to optimize the engagement of contacts. Used wisely and in accordance with legal standards, technical and content, e-mailing is an effective, powerful and inexpensive way to acquire and retain customers.

Optimize email campaigns

An effective e-mailing campaign can not be improvised and must meet certain rules or else your e-mails will end up in the trash or worse to be “blacklisted”. Web Pixelia can handle all aspects of your email campaign for you; from the selection of e-mail addresses to the creation and dissemination of the campaign and the monitoring of responses. Here’s what we do for you:

Constituer une liste d’adresses email Web PIxelia

Build an email list

What is crucial in an email campaign is to have made a list with only opt-in contacts; ie prospects whose consent was obtained for sending messages or newsletters. Having a contact list opt-in allows to keep a good reputation and have excellent returns.

Define the goals for your email campaign

Identify the main objective of your campaign: do you want to advertise your products and / or services, generate leads and sales or build customer loyalty?

Définir les objectifs de votre campagne e-mailing
Ciblage campagne

Define your target

Identify your target is essential to develop relevant content that pushes customer engagement and encourages them to respond. Knowing your target also allows you to segment your prospects and thus meet different requirements.

Mettre en page votre campagne emailing

We treat the form and content: format suitable for all media, standards compliance, concise, effective and consistent object, attractive preview, personalized and targeted content …

Création campagne emailing
Rapport emailing Web PIxelia

Manage and analyze the results of your emailing campaigns

It is essential to track your e-mail campaign in order to measure its impact on website traffic and conversions and to ensure its relevance and achievement of objectives.

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