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Graphic design, a personalized and unique approach

At Web Pixelia we believe that your visual identity as well as your web communication must produce a strong attractive impact and differentiate from your competitors. For this, our team puts all its creativity at the service of your project to offer you a unique, personalized and effective result. Whether it’s a web project or a redesign, the Web Pixelia team will advise you and provide you with the right answers.

Your web project

L'identité visuelle

The visual identity

It is what characterizes you graphically and identifies you.

The visual identity includes graphic elements such as the logo, colors typography, forms … All these variables must be thought upstream because they will follow you throughout your communication (web or print). This visual identity will have to be unique, coherent and strong because it will be associated with your name, your values, your offers and your image. Thanks to their expertise, our team will be able to offer you the most judicious choices to ensure your site has the right positioning and a strong visual identity.

Web design

A listening and a special attention for a website that resembles you.

Our web designer works with you the aims of your web project to design interfaces in line with your business and your requirements which combine design, usability and consistency. Our experts know perfectly the current trends and the technical constraints thus enabling them to realize a wireframing faithful to what will be the website in the end.

Le webdesign
L'ergonomie du site web Web PIxelia


Offering your visitors a user experience (UX) is central to your website design

For this, each detail of the pages (zone, block, navigation …) is studied and worked for the user experience be optimal and each information be well hierarchized. A successful ergonomics is one that leads the visitor the more easily and quickly to the information sought. A model is proposed for each interface of your website and your validation is a condition before integration and development.

Responsive design

We design websites compatible with the different sizes of screens and supports.

Responsive design automatically adapts the website’s usability and layout to all screen formats so that the user experience is optimal in all circumstances. The usage of mobile supports increases and with this the consultation of websites. Having a searchable site in all circumstances is no longer an option but an obligation. Responsive design is the ideal solution both in terms of cost and referencing.

Le responsive design Web PIxelia

  Redesigning your website, why?

Website obsolète Web PIxelia

Update graphic of your website

Is your site ageing? Or uses obsolete technologies?

If there is one area where technology and innovation are constantly in turmoil, it is the web. Our team is continually monitors technology developments and current designs. We make a point of honor to deliver you a project updated both in the techniques used (html5, css3, …) and design trends. Remember, your website is your storefront on the web and often the first connection with your audience.

Update the content

A regular update of a site reveals a certain dynamism and reassures visitors.

Update its website, it is to add information, news, new pages, content; it is to maintain its website. Since the creation of your site, your services or offers could evolved or expanded, your visual identity could be redesigned and your website must be consistent with it, or even you need to regularly communicate on news or events. Whatever the reasons, regularly updating your website is also an opportunity to show your professionalism, to show that you are truly competent in your field and also that you follow all the news of your sector.

In addition, regularly updated content allows the site to be in the best position to be referenced.

Mise à jour du contenu
Performances et audit site web Web PIxelia

Improve performances

The web evolves and the need to go faster is a constant among Internet users. Over time, your site has become more heavy, features have been added, technologies have changed … and performance has suffered. The website loading time is an essential element to turn prospective customers into actual customers: it is estimated that when a site becomes too slow, more than half of the users stop browsing into the website. Beyond the comfort that results, setting up an optimization plan will improve two aspects of your website: the bounce rate will decrease (the visitor stays longer on the site) and the improvement of your indexing on the search engines.

To address the issue of performance, the Web Pixelia experts will audit and analyze your website in order to highlight the critical elements that slow it down and correct them.

Take control of your website

You have a website but do not have control for easy operations management.

A redesign can help to overhaul the management of your site. At Web Pixelia, we believe that your web project must belong to you and you should be able to manage operations such as adding content and changing them. Thus, we offer solutions based on CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla … which offer you a real flexibility with a simplified management and easy to use via the back office. Proof of this will, after delivery of your project, you receive a training on the management of your website by a member of the Web Pixelia team.

Contrôle du site web

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