Project specifications

Drafting your specifications

With a solid experience in all areas of the web, the Web Pixelia team supports you in the process of drafting your specifications. This document will allow to formalize all your expectations and your needs, both technically and ergonomically. The specifications will serve as a guideline throughout the realization of your web project.

Cahier des charges Web PIxelia

The specifications, an essential document

It will also allow you to have an evaluation grid common for all the providers, which will make you easy the comparison of these and the final selection

The specifications are an integral part of any web project. Writing a good specification will increase the likely success of the project. The specification covers the project’s objectives, needs, features and scope. Various reasons why it is importance:

Understanding project requirements

Understanding what a project aims to achieve might seem obvious, but in reality, when at least two people are involved – a difference in the perception of project objectives and needs is inevitable. Writing objectives and requirements contributes greatly to resolving these differences. The drafting of the specifications often reveals requirements not initially specified.

Make a framework for the project

The project scope is probably the most important attribute for increase the project success. A well-defined framework will allow to determine a precise timing, the costs and the requirements precisely.

Estimate schedule and project costs

Estimating precisely time and cost is just as essential to the success of the project as anything else. Better is the drafting of the specifications, more accurate will be the estimation of time and costs.

Reference document for development and design

Good specifications improve productivity and concentration in the design and development phases; at a minimum, it will list the tasks for the project’s achievements. Due to its accuracy, it will solve possible dilemmas and save time.

A contractual document

The specification describes the agreement between the parties on what means a successful project delivery. A good specification can easily resolve potential conflicts by clearly indicating what needs to be delivered.

Contact us or download our specifications model (in French for now); it’s free.

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