Social networks

Your presence on social networks, develop your reputation

Social networks have become indispensable tools to develop its visibility and reputation on the web, to promote its services and products and to acquire new qualified prospects and to build lasting and engaging relationships with your customers. The Web Pixelia team will support you to develop and control your e-reputation via these networks.

Les réseaux sociaux Web PIxelia

Social networks, powerful marketing levers

Our experts can develop several actions on social networks:

  • By talking about you and updating your informations
  • By optimizing your presence
  • By communicating around offers, promotions and events
  • By organizing contests
  • By building commitment: interact with your customers, ask their opinion …
  • By taking care of what is being said around your business and taking action if necessary

Our process for an effective social marketing strategy:

  •  Identify business objectives
  •  Define the marketing objectives
  •  Identify the ideal target
  •  Analyze competition
  •  Choosing the right media and strategies
  •  Create a content strategy
  •  Define budget and resources required
  •  Assigning tasks to our team members

Keep control on your e-reputation

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