What defines us best

We consider all our projects in a partnership relationship with our customers.

Each project has its own unique challenges and that’s what motivates us every day. Because yes, every project is unique and drives us to excel. From this perspective, satisfying our “partners” is our greatest pride.



We manage our project iteratively, which allows us to be flexible, meet deadlines and deliver quality projects. You are informed and involved at every important step of your project.


Young web agency with a team full of energy and talent and human scale, Webpixelia will meet your needs and constraints. Motivation and constant monitoring of our team will make it possible to achieve our objective; to know your success.


The web is vast, it is necessary to be noticed to be visible. So, each project is customized according to your expectations and goals. And because our team is creative, your project will be unique.



Our will, provide you the ways to optimize and develop your project. Webpixelia listens to you, advises you and assists you throughout the development of your project through any one of the various means that we have placed at your disposal to contact us.

The Webpixelia team

6 great skills for your digital project

The Account Manager

First contact and privileged interlocutor, his role is to listen to you, to advise you and to accompany you throughout your project.

Project Manager

He’s like a conductor who organizes, coordinates and animates the team in order to guarantee the quality and the good progress of the project as well as the deadlines


Real artist, he translates concepts and words into images thanks to their overflowing imagination and creativity. His mission is to design visuals that are as beautiful as they are impactful.


Multi-tasking and multi-languages, very flexible, they will take up all the technical challenges to design and develop new web applications and/or your website.

Marketing experts

Their expertise and knowledge of the markets will help define the best strategies for your project and set up an operational action plan.

Community managers

In charge of managing the presence and reputation of your company or your brand, they are your voice in your communities by creating enthusiasm.

Our Process

Web projects that meet your needs to reach your goals


The first step for any project is inspiration. We are attuned to emerging trends as well as fundamentals for graphic design in the era of time.



The second step is creating the initial design. Sketch is simply the name of the software we use to create your projects: from the first sketches to the final rendering.

Design and development

Design & Development

After validating the 2nd step, we embark on the coding phase using web standards (HTML, CSS, PHP …). Our team specializes in WordPress development.



Next is the testing phase which aims to ensure that each page is working properly. We thoroughly test each page of the site to make sure there are no bugs.

And next?

Our team will assist you in developing your reputation and offers a personalized support
SEO / E-Marketing


Now you have to be visible and gain publicity and communicate, it’s time to set up web marketing and SEO strategies.



Support is provided to ensure the management, administration and evolution of all content of your web project.

More than ever, succeeding and existing on the web means being different. Beyond the technical mastery, we are convinced that it is the quality of the advice and the relevance of your project, in terms of added value for your customers, which will be the key factors of your success.