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WordPress Maintenance

Why a WordPress Maintenance Plan?

You have a WordPress site and everything works for the best. I’m happy about it. But have you asked yourself the question of the security of this one? Indeed, regularly, and in order to resolve security problems, fix bugs and / or add new features, new updates are necessary both at the level of WordPress and at the level of the various extensions (plugins) installed and the theme.

WordPress maintenance plan
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From now on, sleep soundly and devote yourself entirely to your core business by entrusting me with the management and maintenance of your WordPress site:

  • formulas adapted to your activity: the maintenance of websites is tedious and technical; let me do it for you,
  • security: the web can be a dangerous place, let me protect your site,
  • peace of mind: I take care of everything and make sure your WordPress site runs smoothly.

A question ?

If you have any questions, you can visit the FAQ . If you can't find the answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact me.


WordPress maintenance and what customers say


Librairie Islamique

We have been working together now for a few years, they have been taking care of my site since its creation, they even have the opportunity to work on its redesign. In some words, they are professional, attentive, responsive and always there to give good advice and guide you on what is best for our merchant site. I strongly recommend it for the maintenance of your website, the creation or a redesign

Assia K

Chairwoman, Aiephaf « S+ »

I am very satisfied with the maintenance and professionalism of Webpixelia really, the seriousness and the speed of the response to my questions, I highly recommend it and I award 5 stars in addition to the quality price there is nothing to say.

maintenance subscription


1st step

Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a confirmation email and a customer account will be created.

Then you will need to open a ticket in your account in order to securely provide all the basic information: FTP, MySQL/PhpMyAdmin, SSH, hosting panel and/or WordPress admin.


2nd step

Un premier audit est réalisé afin de faire un état des lieux de votre site et j’estime les éventuelles demandes d’intervention auxquelles vous pensez déjà.

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3rd step

I am sending you a first report, including the health of your site and my first interventions.

Then each month, a report informs you of all actions on your site.

questions ?


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How many sites can I add to my plan?
Each plan is valid for a single site. To add a site, just take an other plan.
I have several sites, can I get a discount?

Yes it’s possible. Contact support contact@webpixelia.com to discuss this.

Can I stop my subscription when I want?

Yes, you can stop your maintenance offer whenever you want, direct debits will be stopped automatically. Annual payments, on the other hand, will not be refunded on a pro rata basis.

What are my guarantees about your maintenance service?

Each month I provide you with a detailed report of my interventions. I impose on myself total transparency with my clients; reason why a support is set up.

What are the support hours?

I am available to answer all your questions all week except Friday and Sunday and that from 9am to 6pm.

What happens if my site gets hacked?

If it was not protected by my maintenance offer, I will offer you, following an audit, an estimate to clean it before including it in my offer. If you benefit from my service and your site is still attacked, I will take care of the repair of your site.

What will happen if an update degrades my site?

First, using a backup, I get your site back up and running. My preliminary audit normally avoids this type of situation, but if this is the case, I will take charge of restoring your site and making the necessary corrections.

Can I change my plan when I want?

You can change your monthly plan for an annual plan whenever you want. However, you can not return to a monthly plan during your annual commitment.

Where are you located?

I work in Meknes in Morocco.

Do you work with agencies ?

Yes of course, and even if they wish it in white label. Contact me at commercial@webpixelia.com for more information.

I have specific requests; what to do?
I will be happy to answer you. Do not hesitate to contact me.

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