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Ecommerce Website Development

Why an e-commerce website?

According to Kantar, online sales will increase 4 times faster than offline sales by 2025. Online sales are expected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2025.

You probably think that this astronomical sum concerns only the giants of the web and not you, Well, think again! I’m going to give you a few reasons that will show you that you have everything to gain from owning an online sales site alongside your physical store:

  • Visibility 24h/24 and 365d/365
  • Consumers have become mobile and connected
  • A substantial cost savings
  • An internationalization of your business
  • The personalisation of the relationship
  • Return on investment (ROI) measured easily and quickly
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Your site is a full part of the strategy of communication
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Why will I be your ally in this online adventure?

Beyond advice and expertise in the development of your e-shop; I support you in the development of a global strategy. An e-commerce website without strategy is probably doomed.

I will be your partner throughout your project, from the reflection to the creation of your e-commerce site. My proven methodology allows me to design your site in a collaborative way.

The success of an e-commerce project is based on 4 key steps:

  • UX / UI Reflection (User Experience / User Interface)
  • Graphic design
  • Choosing the right technical solutions

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Warranty, monitoring and support

An e-commerce site must have some basic features that will allow you to present your products, retain your visitors and encourage them to act, build customers loyalty and increase your sales.

You can find on your online store the following features:

  • Cross Selling Strategy
  • Up Selling Strategy
  • Multilingual store
    Secure online payment system
  • E-mailing strategy (newsletter, purchase accompaniment, abandoned basket relaunch, promotions, etc.)
  • Loyalty system
  • Presentation of your products on video
  • Secure Accounts Receivable
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A website that belongs to you 100%, no subscription, no obligations after delivery and 100% manageable

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Files & Code of the website

I deliver you an archive of the website containing all the source files and the database

Images & Medias

You are 100% owner; i deliver you all the media files (images, audios, videos…)

Login & Passwords

I deliver a PDF file containing all the identifiers and passwords used (Website, MySQL, FTP, …)

Management training

In order to be autonomous, I train you in the management of your site and provide you with PDF support

WordPress maintenance plan


WordPress Maintenance

You want to focus on your business or you have not time to manage your site? I offer you a maintenance service for your WordPress website

let's work together

Need a successful project?

More than ever, succeeding and existing on the web means being different. Beyond technical mastery, I am convinced that it is the quality of the advice and the relevance of your project, in terms of added value for your customers, that will be the key factors of your success.

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