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Riyad Al Hilyah

Posted on 23 January 2024
Riyad Al Hilyah

Overview of pages

Homepage Laptop

Riyad Al Hilyah Laptop

Homepage Tab

Riyad Al Hilyah Tab

Homepage Phone

Riyad Al Hilyah Iphone

Shop Page

Riyad Al Hilyah screen 4

Product Page

Riyad Al Hilyah screen 5

Customization page

Riyad Al Hilyah screen 6
team search project


The client wanted a website to present her activity and allow her customers to directly personalize the various objects she offers and visualize the final result.

The types of items being diverse, it was necessary for some to allow personalization of the rest but also of the back.


Overview of developments

To achieve the goal, I used a WordPress tool which allows you to view live the additions and removals of options using layers. Thus, the visitor can personalize their object from color to size, including the choice of embroidery, braids or even fonts.

To respond to his requests, I therefore:

  • create mockups for each page
  • set up an article personalization system with WooCommerce
  • set up a management of subscriptions to the newsletter
web design development project
team search project

Technical details

Date : 2024
CMS : WordPress
Technologies : PHP, HTML, CSS, JS

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