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Posted on 28 October 2018

Overview of pages

Homepage Laptop

VendezVotreMoto Laptop

Homepage Tab

VendezVotreMoto Tab

Homepage Phone

VendezVotreMoto Iphone

Page Estimate

VendezVotreMoto screen 4

About us Page

VendezVotreMoto screen 5

Page I sell

VendezVotreMoto screen 6
team search project


Design of the Vendezvotremoto.be website
Recovery of audio and video content
Design creation and integration of all content
Optimization of the user experience
Develop the website on the WordPress CMS
Develop responsive release
Multilingual site


Overview of developments

Website developed in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript and PHP7
Use of the WordPress CMS with the implementation of a custom theme
Multilingual version of the website
Use of Google font
Optimized for Retina screens (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & MacBook Pro Retina)
Compatibility with all current browsers and with older browser versions

web design development project
team search project

Technical details

Date : 2018
CMS : WordPress
Technologies : PHP, HTML, CSS, JS

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More than ever, succeeding and existing on the web means being different. Beyond technical mastery, I am convinced that it is the quality of the advice and the relevance of your project, in terms of added value for your customers, that will be the key factors of your success.

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