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Plugin Coupons after order for WooCommerce

Posté le 11 November 2023
Plugin Coupons after order for WooCommerce




This plugin was born from a request from one of my clients. It needed to offer its customers an automatic reimbursement of the amount of their orders but in the form of discount vouchers. My client wanted to be able to define the number of discount vouchers to generate as well as their validity period and then have an email containing the discount codes automatically sent to the store’s customer. Example: a customer spends €60, the owner of the WooCommerce online store wants 4 codes to be generated for a validity period of one month from this day; each coupon will have a value of €15 (4×15=60).

Following this, I considered it useful to develop these functionalities a little further and make them a plugin for WooCommerce by enhancing it with other functionalities; such as, to date:

    1. activating and deactivating the generation of coupons after an order has been placed in “Completed” status;
    2. an option to define the validity period of coupons either in number of days or until a specific date;
    3. the number of coupons generated;
    4. the usage limit per coupon;
    5. the possibility or not of combining with other coupons;
    6. the minimum cart amount to be able to use the discount coupon;
    7. he choice of the discount code prefix;
    8. the choice of argument in the URL to apply the coupon directly via a URL;
    9. some email settings: subject, header, content with shortcodes, customization of the CTA button and real-time visualization of the appearance of the email.
    10. whether to retain data when uninstalling the plugin
    11. the automatic and bulk generation of coupons from the customer’s email and the amount of their order;

    My WordPress plugin is intended to evolve; your comments and suggestions are welcome in comments.

    Cette plugin est compatible et testée avec WPML.

    Changelog: https://wordpress.org/plugins/coupons-after-order-for-woocommerce/#developers

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