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Shipping custom rules for WooCommerce plugin

Posté le 11 November 2023
Shipping custom rules for WooCommerce plugin




This was originally a specific development for a client. He simply wanted a method of calculating shipping costs for France as follows: from 1 to 10kg single fixed price of €20 then above 10kg, each additional kilo is priced at €2.

After delivering this feature, I decided to make it a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce that creates a new shipping method that one can choose for any shipping zone. Of course, I have at the same time integrated variable parameters such as the name given to the method, the weight allowance at the fixed price, the price of this allowance and the price of the additional kilo.

This WordPress plugin may evolve in the future with, for example, support for prices with decimal depending on the decimal separator chosen, or even taking into account the weight unit configured in the WooCommerce store.

To be continued…

Please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions.

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