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Hijra Keys Danger

Posted on 28 June 2023
Hijra Keys Danger

Overview of pages

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Warnings Page

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About Us Page

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Testimonials Page

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team search project


The goal here was to make public and expose the scam of the projects presented by Hijra Keys and its founder. To achieve this, the following was needed:

  • A blog-style website with a sleek design inspired by written newspapers.
  • A website that highlights the content.
  • Clear sections or categories.
  • A timeline to track the chronological order of events.
  • A system to gather testimonials.



Overview of developments

In order to achieve these objectives, I have:

  • Built the website using the default theme, along with colors and fonts that meet the requirements mentioned above.
  • Implemented a simple navigation system with clear sections or categories.
  • Developed custom features, including a chronological timeline of articles, a testimonial system with filters and pagination using the JS library “isotope,” a scrolling bar for the latest articles, a writing progress circle, and an image slider using ACF and Bootstrap.
web design development project
team search project

Technical details

Date : 2023
CMS : WordPress
Technologies : PHP, HTML, CSS, JS
Tools & Libraries: ACF Pro, Bootstrap, Isotope

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