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Simplified Medina Tomes

Posted on 21 February 2023
Simplified Medina Tomes

Overview of pages

Homepage Laptop

Simplified Medina Tomes Laptop

Homepage Tab

Simplified Medina Tomes Tab

Homepage Phone

Simplified Medina Tomes Iphone

Tome 1 page

Simplified Medina Tomes screen 4

Courses Page

Simplified Medina Tomes screen 5

Who am I page

Simplified Medina Tomes screen 6
team search project


Redesign of Al Madaniyya website:

  • Refresh the website
  • Content recovery: pages and courses
  • Simplified course system
  • Limit the number of plugins used
  • Improve website speed and fluidity

Overview of developments

In order to meet the requirements; we have:

  • Taken over the model of another client’s site (Al Madaniyya) in order to harmonize all of its sites
  • Integration of existing content
  • Set up redirects for deleted pages
  • Lighten the website
web design development project
team search project

Technical details

Date : 2023
CMS : WordPress
Technologies : PHP, HTML, CSS, JS

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